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Danish online shops in bloom

This analysis covers 18 companies. In terms of total asset mass the analysis is characterized by a number of dominating companies. For example Ebay Classifieds Denmark ApS holds 62.5 percent of total asset mass. Along with Aarstiderne A/S, Ellos A/S, Bon'a Parte A/S, QXL Ricardo Denmark A/S, A/S and Smartguy A/S they represent 85.6 percent of the total asset mass.

This means that changes in the financial results of these seven companies, and Ebay Classifieds Denmark ApS in particular, could have an impact on the general earnings trend and development in the online shopping sector. At the same time it should be noted, that due to the diversity of the industry players, online shopping is not necessarily an asset heavy industry. Thus, companies with low gross assets could potentially generate earnings that influence the analysis.

General figures for the sector tell us that 3 million Danes shopped online in 2011, spending a total of 46 billion Danish kroner, of which 37 billion were spent in Danish online shops. The biggest product group was clothing, accounting for 12 percent of total online shopping.

Buy acces to this 13 page analysis of the 18 biggest Danish online shops below and download the analyses direct from this page. Are you experiencing trouble please contact online editor of Berlingske Business Premium Michael Friislund on anvender cookies til at huske dine indstillinger, statistik og at målrette annoncer. Denne information deles med tredjepart. Læs mere